ClearSCADA for SMEs

For a long time Schneider Electric’s ClearSCADA software seemed unreachable for small and medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). The cost per ClearSCADA license was too high to be an option for SME’s. Even though ClearSCADA is very suitable for SMEs. Therefore BizQIT, in association with Schneider Electric, will soon also offer SME companies the opportunity to use ClearSCADA and comes with HostedSCADA: ClearSCADA software in an affordable, secure and easy manageable hosted environment.

HostedSCADA makes it easy to collect, store and analyze valuable machine data. Once a modem is installed there is no need to be on site for monitoring, updating, collect data or controlling your machine. All your machines within reach at the touch of a button.

With HostedSCADA you will have full access to the ClearSCADA software through a secure bi-drectional connection in a dynamic scalable Cloud with a managed network. This also includes a secure automated VPN network for remote access to all machines for maintenance, to collect data and reporting, updates and much more. You can securely log in to a hosted server and use the ClearSCADA software. BizQIT ensures the security and will keep your ClearSCADA software up to date so you can focus on your core business.

 Benefits of HostedSCADA

    • No need for an own server
    • Managed VPN Machine network
    • Remote access to all your machines/assets
    • Software and server management included
    • Helpdesk and support available
    • Fast backup in the Cloud.

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What is ClearSCADA?
ClearSCADA is an open, flexible and scalable software solution for telemetry and remote Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications, designed to optimize the operation and management of geographically dispersed infrastructure. Utilizing alarming and graphical interface functions, ClearSCADA transforms disparate field data into actionable business information, helping to mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency.

Customers gain unprecedented insight across their entire asset base, with intuitive location-based alarming and filtering, overlaid with real-time weather data and GPS mapping delivering a new era of control for geographically dispersed infrastructure.


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